Data specialist INVYO steps up its development with a new round of funding.

October 11th 2023
October 11th 2023

The start-up raises €1.4m and brings Accurafy 4, Mandalore Partners and Inovexus, in partnership with SideAngels, into its capital

INVYO, the leading technology solutions provider specialising in data processing and analysis, announces that it has raised €1.4m in its pre-Series A financing round. This amount should be increased to €2m in the coming months via a non-dilutive financing, currently under discussion with a banking pool that will participate in the financing of this round.

As part of this first tranche, Venture Capital funds Accurafy4, Mandalore Partners and Inovexus, in partnership with SideAngels, are acquiring a stake in the company as strategic financial investors. Co-founders Alexandre VELLUTI, Gautier VELUT and Xavier GOMEZ, respectively CEO, CTO and COO of INVYO, will retain a majority stake.

A strong mission around the black gold of data

Since 2018, INVYO has been helping companies to accelerate their business by using data as a lever.

Data is the black gold of the 21st century: accelerating revenues, personalising the customer experience, improving internal processes and operational efficiency.

Businesses do not always have the expertise and capacity to exploit the levers of data. As a result, the average annual loss incurred by French companies as a result of poor data management is €1.3m1! INVYO's mission is to reconcile the worlds of business and data through the deployment of impactful, business-focused solutions.

INVYO already has a strong presence with financial players such as investment funds and family offices, who have quickly grasped the many benefits of a data-driven approach: improving performance by investing in the best deals using an algorithmic approach, automating dealflow sourcing and qualification, identifying market signals before the competition, reducing analysis costs, etc.

Today, INVYO, which is headquartered in Paris, has a team of 15 people based in France and Spain and around 30 customers. Its revenues doubled between 2021 and 2022 and are set to double again between 2022 and 2023.

1 Veritas study - March 2019

Significant fund-raising to accelerate the pace of the next Series A

After raising nearly €760k in 2019 and 2020 from a dozen business angels, INVYO has decided to raise €2m in financing, including €1.4m in equity, in order to accelerate its development.

To achieve this, the start-up has teamed up with four financial players renowned in the sector for their investments in fintechs and for their DNA of operational support for entrepreneurs and their teams: the Luxembourg fund Accurafy 4 is leading and has a majority stake in this round, along with VCs and accelerators Mandalore Partners, and Inovexus in partnership with SideAngels. Non-dilutive financing of between €500k and

€600k is expected to be completed in the next few months with a banking pool with which INVYO is in advanced discussions.

The funds raised will be used primarily to invest in the catalogue to accelerate the introduction of INVYO solutions to the financial and retail sectors, to replicate in other countries the success achieved in Spain, particularly in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium, to recruit senior profiles for key positions in marketing, sales and technology, and to encourage and develop the skills of the talented people already in the company.

Alexandre VELLUTI and Xavier GOMEZ, co-founders of INVYO, said: "This partnership with Accurafy4, Mandalore Partners, SideAngels and Inovexus is a tremendous boost for INVYO. Our ambition is to become the leader in Europe, particularly with major investment players such as funds, VCs, family offices and investment banks in France and Europe, which represent a market worth €1.5 billion.

Frédéric CARON, founder and managing director of Accurafy4, commented: "We are delighted to be supporting INVYO and have high ambitions for this highly promising data company. Through our support, we will be making our business development and marketing skills available to the management team, as well as our international network, in order to accelerate the platform's growth over the next five years.

Minh Q. TRAN, founder and managing director of Mandalore Partners, said: "Invyo will enable all asset management companies to improve their performance in data analysis, particularly in impact investing. It was therefore natural for us, as a leading VC-as-a-Service, to support this great project.

Stanislas DE VILLELONGUE, Managing Partner of Inovexus, added: "It is a pleasure to be able to support Invyo in its development. This investment fits in perfectly with our thesis, given the company's European positioning, the management team's quality of execution and the addressable market, which we know well".



As Europe's leading data management marketplace, INVYO is a leading publisher and integrator of technology solutions, specialising in data processing and analysis. A unique, adaptable platform with a common technological base that can be upgraded according to your business needs. Thanks to our exploration, control and visualisation modules, we can transform "inaudible" data into concrete, qualified and contextualised information. We support all decision makers by building adaptable solutions that transform raw data into information.

We create an interface that adapts to the business of each of our customers to facilitate their decision-making, whatever the sector. A new, unique and adaptable model for processing and analysing data: a common technological foundation that can be upgraded as business needs change.

About Accurafy4

Founded at the end of 2017 by French "serial entrepreneur-investors", Accurafy is a Luxembourg-registered alternative investment fund. Accurafy invests in start-ups characterised by proven innovation, a scalable business model and promising sales traction, particularly in the Fintech, Deeptech, Greentech, Sportech, etc. sectors. Accurafy offers its members compartmentalised club deals via its Accurafy 4 (A4) fund, enabling risk and performance to be partitioned for each investment. In 2023, Accurafy launched its 1st closed-end fund, A4S ("Seed for Good"), to invest in Seed and Impact companies. Accurafy differentiates itself by providing active, tailor-made operational support for managers and their teams, drawing on a range of key expertise from its network. To date, Accurafy has around one hundred investors, €22m in assets under management, and some twenty investments in 3 types of asset: equity, real estate and green assets.

Accurafy is a fund driven by its core values: a passion for entrepreneurship, technology and CSR.

About Mandalore Partners

Mandalore Partners is a (Corporate) Venture Capital-as-a-Service for corporates, family offices and growth companies who want to de-risk their innovation programme with strategic and financial investments with impact measurement. We combine global sourcing based on artificial intelligence and a unique asset-builder methodology to develop innovative technologies with corporates. With Insurtech Capital, our fund dedicated to the Apicil Group, we invest in technologies related to insurance, asset management and savings.

About Inovexus

Inovexus is the first cross-border VC acceleration fund in Europe founded by entrepreneurs. Its aim is to finance and support the most promising start-ups through its acceleration programme and its many international mentors.

About SideAngels

SideAngels is France's leading platform for investing in start-ups via Club Deals, enabling investors to invest alongside experienced business angels. Its exclusive club allows each investor to take part in entrepreneurial adventures by supporting the best stories.

Accurafy continues to expand and confirms its 2025 objectives

January 24th 2023
January 24th 2023

  • The Accurafy4 (A4) investment fund continued its development in 2022 with 8 new rounds of financing

  • At the end of 2022, Accurafy has: 100 LPs, 20 Senior Advisors and €27m in net assets under management

  • In 2023, Accurafy plans to make its 1st investments in its seed and impact fund A4S, to structure its green assets vehicle A4G, and to create a new sub-fund, A4 real estate

  • Accurafy confirms its 2025 objectives: €200 million of assets under management and 200 accredited investors.

Luxembourg, 24 January 2023 - Accurafy 4, a fund of serial entrepreneurs and investors focused on early stage companies, had 16 assets in its portfolio at the end of December 2022, with net assets under management of €27 million, approximately 100 accredited investors and 20 senior advisors.

During the course of 2022, A4 completed eight new rounds of financing, including: